Source Code Escrow

We provide SaaS Escrow as a legal service, 100%-secure and free for Licensors.

What is Source Code Escrow?

Source Code Escrow, also called Software Escrow, means to store source code of a depositor and to release it to a beneficiary in case certain event occurs. Software escrow is widely used by companies who developed software to protect their code or by companies who invested in the software companies to protect their investment

A Company can deliver 42escrow, as trusted party, the source code of a software they developed. 42escrow stores the software securely and releases it to an Investor in certain events. The event could be insolvency of the Company but also any other event agreed on. The Source Code Escrow ensures the developer that his software is secure and the Investor that he will be provided with the software.

The problem

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    What about if the software developer went out of business?
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    Exposing the code is a risk for any developer.
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    No access to the developer’s source code is a risk for every licensee or investor.

Our solution

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    42escrow acts as your trusted escrow agent. We provide Source Code Escrow as a legal service, 100%-secure and free for Licensors. We store the code for the depositor and provide it for the beneficiary upon release.

Our Advantages

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    Real-time repository

Current Code and data are backed up.

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    Safe Choice

Eliminates the risk to lose service access.

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    Automated Deposits

Deposits are fully automated and encrypted.

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The platform is designed to be uncomplicated and user-friendly.

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Sign up online, no endless paperwork needed.

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Fair and transparent fees.

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    Quick recoveries

Release procedures are processed quickly.

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    End-to-end encryption

Your data is safe at all time.

How it works – simple 3 step plan

Step 1

Register and provide us with information about you, the beneficiary and the release event.

Step 2

Sign your escrow agreement.

Step 3

Upload your escrow materials.

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