SaaS Escrow

We provide SaaS Escrow as a legal service, 100%-secure and free for Licensors.

What is SaaS Escrow?

SaaS (Service as a Software) imposes certain requirements for Escrow Services. In principle it is similar to a regular Source Code Escrow. Basically, the difference is that SaaS customers do not have direct access to a running copy of the software and, in particular, to its own user data. This leads to the problem that you cannot use the software without the vendors support.

Our Solution is to offer a real-time repository for SaaS Escrow. SaaS Escrow contains source code, data, virtual machines and all other elements required to ensure the viability of a SaaS product. In case the vendor is no longer able to provide its service, you can still use the software and your data will be preserved.

Why SaaS Escrow?

Eliminate the risk

SaaS Escrow prepares you for unexpected loss of the Software vendor’s support. It Eliminates the risk to lose service access.

Generate backups

We offer real-time repository to save the current code of the software and secure your data at all time.

Secure your data

42escrow acts as a neutral party to secure your data and service access in case the unexpected occurs.

Our Advantages

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    Real-time repository

Current Code and data are backed up.

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    Safe Choice

Eliminates the risk to lose service access.

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    Automated Deposits

Deposits are fully automated and encrypted.

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The platform is designed to be uncomplicated and user-friendly.

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Sign up online, no endless paperwork needed.

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Fair and transparent fees.

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    Quick recoveries

Release procedures are processed quickly.

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    End-to-end encryption

Your data is safe at all time.

How it works – simple 3 step plan

Step 1

Register and provide us with information about you, the beneficiary and the release event.

Step 2

Sign your escrow agreement.

Step 3

Upload your escrow materials.

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