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42escrow is a service of 42law, Austria’s most innovative law firm.

Our founding mission

It made no sense to us that software escrow is still a cost and time intense process by having a lawyer create an incomprehensible agreement and physically store a CD. That is why we decided to provide an efficient online platform that combines modern technology with legal security. There you can conclude your escrow agreement securely and cost-effectively within 5 minutes.


We have gotten 99% of our clients to the finish line because attorneys with 25+ years of experience go out of their way to make sure your escrow is flawless.


We speak from experience and thus take planning uncertainties away from you. You can pass on the responsibility to us and save your employees’ time and prevent common mistakes in the escrow process.


Managing a law firm and heading up a software startup makes us naturally sensitive to time constraints. As a result, we prioritized automation and built the most convenient, state-of-the-art code deposit solution in the market – for developers and licensors.

Within the scope of our law firm, we provide Software Escrow as legal service based on state-of-the-art technology. We are licensed as lawyers in New York, England & Wales and Austria and provide extensive legal experience. Hence, we combine high legal standards with innovative escrow solutions.

42escrow offers Escrow Solutions for software developers and licensees.

Our attorneys

A portrait of Christof Strasser

Christof Strasser

Dr. iur.; mag. Iur., ll.m. (Harvard)

USP: Pretty unique cross-jurisdictional experience; trained in NY & London; practically native in English; very strong business acumen as founder of own software startup

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    Practicing since: 2005
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    Core practice: M&A, venture capital, commercial law, tax law
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    Admitted to practice in: Austria, England & Wales, New York
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    Languages: German, English
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    Misc: adjunct lecturer at University of Vienna School of Law since 2011, doctorate in int’l tax law
A portrait of Natalie Strasser

Natalie Strasser

mag. iur.

USP: Austria’s most experienced migration lawyer; Native in Russian and German; extremely solution-oriented

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    Practicing since: 2007
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    Core practice: migration law; real estate
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    Languages: German, Russian, English, French
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